About the Practitioners

Carol Springer enjoys helping people care for themselves with Massage, Trauma Touch Therapy™  and Cranial/ sacral bodywork. She teaches Return To Your Senses  where bodyworkers and caregivers learn to witness and work with people with trauma histories.

Since many of the body’s post traumatic physical and emotional issues originate during childhood, Carol is eager to work with educators and teachers to help children become more resilient to stressful, overwhelming and/or traumatic  experiences. She is a retired RN and has practiced massage therapy since 1983.  

Carol lives and works in L. A. EcoVillage where she creates gardens, builds new soil from kitchen scraps, cooks in solar ovens and mentors people in these arts. Carol believes that sensory awareness is the basis for authentic actions and interactions, from personal to global.                                                                                     


Claire Bergen, M.A.T., is a credentialed K-5 teacher with 10 years experience, and training in the Orff approach to music and movement education. Claire previously was a Teaching Artist in Music with P.S. ARTS, and Orff and Early Strings Specialist at YOLA (Youth Orchestra LA) at HOLA (Heart of LA Youth). More info: www.linkedin.com/pub/claire-bergen/14/599/931

email claire.bergen@gmail.com





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