Brain Brakes

Why is Sensory Awareness important?


The speed of life, life events, distracting digital tools, toys and instant communication often disrupt focus, generate stress and complicate parenting, teaching and learning.  Add in mental computations for school, work, finances, planning, keeping up with daily activities …….

If we don’t create ways to brake from processing so much information, our nervous system becomes like the network of roads in LA. when the cars, trucks & buses exceed the available road space at the same time.

Traffic jams - congestion - happen in our brains, too. Too much information at one time

  • can exceed the capacity to relay information;
  • can exceed the brain’s capacity to process it
  • overwhelms your ability to make choices and decisions

Too much information releases stress chemicals, which disrupt digestion, circulation, clear thinking and the immune system.

 Brain brakes. Giving yourself, your students or children a few minutes to focus on a sensory experience switches gears in the brain.

At home, folding laundry we can invite kids to identify colors, textures, favorites, etc.
In school: stretching or covering the eyes while identifying sensations. Watching our hands make repetitive movements 

When we switch to sensory awareness we
give ourselves time to assimilate the mental stuff
make space for new information
practice attending to a chosen focus
take a quick inventory of how we’re feeling
notice if we're hungary, thirsty, need to pee reassures the body that we’re not going to blow off it’s need for food, water, etc.  

Very often solutions to problems and choices reveal themselves when we take a little break from them.



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