Exploring Your Senses Introductory Workshops and Registration

Parents, educators and all who work and play with children 

Learn fun activities that make teaching & parenting more fun

  • that empower children to experience relaxed awareness
  • that overview the body's response to distracting activities and stress
  • that explore sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and body centered awareness

Each topic about the body's response to stress and distractions will be matched with short, fun, re-focusing and stress management activities.

For instance, imagine what your life would be like if taking brain brakes throughout the day was an integral part of your teaching job.

Imagine what your life would be like if introducing your children to sensory awareness during household activities was a regular part of your parenting.

In case it’s hard to imagine, we’ve structured these workshops so that, as you learn the information and engage in activities, you also have time to note: what changes in you as you listen and engage.

Taking time to notice is basic to   

  • refocusing attention
  • self-regulating behavior
  • conscious interactions

Growing these capacities in children - and their adults - is essential for shifting away from punitive discipline and creating co-operative relational and learning cultures. 

 In  3 or 4 hours, you’ll sample fun, sensory, self-regulating activities that adults can do with children. You’ll overview how these activities reverse the bodyʼs response to distracting activities and stress.

The 4 hour Introduction, (two sessions), includes safe touch training. You will be encouraged to practice new skills between sessions and discuss your experiences with the group.

Where: at a location convenient for your group or organization
When:  at a time convenient for your group or organization 

Group off-site menu and prices*:
EYS In-service - 1.5 hour = $79
Introductory EYS workshop - 3 hours = $159
Introductory EYS workshop - 4 hours (2 hours / day x 2 days) = $189
* Travel costs may apply 
to areas beyond a 5 miles radius from !st St and Vermont Ave. or
to areas that are not easily reached by public transportation. 

Please contact us to host a workshop at a convenient site for your group!










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