Exploring Your Senses
        Makes teaching and parenting easier - more fun!

Relaxing Workshops for Parents, Educators and
all adults who work and play with children

Why Explore Your Senses? 

Kids learn better when they connect  with what they see, touch, taste, hear.  The speed of life, life events, distracting digital tools, toys and instant communication often disrupt these senory connections.
Disconnection generates stress, complicates parenting, teaching and learning.

Your capacity to select what you pay attention to influences your ability to regulate physical and emotional responses, take in new information, and create life sustaining social and environmental choices. 

Many modern educators recognize that children who have trauma histories also have special learning and social needs. While Carol’s life and work are trauma informed, Exploring Your Senses extrapolates the essence of trauma recovery that enriches life - regardless of trauma history. 

Exploring to Your Senses re-focuses your attention and promotes relaxed awareness, the optimal state for integrated learning and harmonious interactions. 

During the workshops, you will be invited to practice integrating sensory awareness into curricula and daily activities, and adapt sensory experiences with music, movement, art, storytelling, relaxation and touch to meet the unique needs of the children you work with.

We will review how sensory awareness

•     can empower children to develop self-regulation that enhances their          learning and relational skills,
•     can help us stay present to ourselves and the children when results         are less than miraculous 

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