Self Regulation through Sensory Awareness 90 min in-service

You will feel relaxed and refreshed during this combination of lectures and short activities that help you  
* experience how sensory awareness enriches your life

* experience how sensory awareness is keys to being present during daily activities
* experience self-regulation through sensory awareness 
* experience integrated brain and nervous system function

* level the "learning" field for adults and children who experience the impact of stress or trauma.

You will receive a handout that summarizes the activities and information so it will be easy to practice on your own and easy to teach to children.

Facilitator: Carol Springer

Cost per group*

Self Regulation In-service - 90 min = $75

 * Travel costs may apply 
to areas beyond a 5 miles radius from !st St and Vermont Ave. or
to areas that are not easily reached by public transportation. 






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