Increasing numbers of students and educators are raising awareness about the special needs of students with trauma histories.  For example:  

Students, Teachers File Landmark Federal Class Action Complaint Demanding Schools Address Unique Learning Needs of Children Affected by Violence and Trauma

Throughout history it has been difficult for most people to acknowledge and address the terrible things we do to each other.  Just in my lifetime, I’ve seen this dilemma of public blindness to our #1 public health issue played out in so many arenas: post wars, domestic violence, and now - finally - post traumatic effect on children and their capacity to learn.

In my expeerience, selective awareness continues until we help people learn how to witness harsh stuff.

Given the history of people to date, and the fact that there are many events that can traumatize children: premature or difficult birth, medical/ surgical interventions, car accidents, most of us are affected.

Ironically, the body-centered effects of trauma - regardless of the cause - that impact learning capacity and social interactions are remarkably similar, and responsive to sensory awareness.

During Exploring Your Senses trainings, we teach “sensory awareness for children’s self-regulation” to educators & parents so that the adults - as well as the children - understand and have multiple experiences of non-judgmental sensory awareness.    

The trauma-informed components of Exploring Your Senses progressively introduce people to information about the effects of trauma, and continually help participants - through fun and relaxing experiences - to focus in ways that enhance their capacity to witness, and to reach into their most authentic self for responses to challenges.


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